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25th June 2019
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Small-wheeled pedal machines – a better way of cycling


This book explores the many advantages of small-wheeled pedal machines – convenience, portability, comfort and speed.

A small-wheeled bike is ideal for your daily commute, or for taking on holiday. Bikes with small wheels can be folded into tiny packages, and using small wheels allows the production of innovative machines like recumbent trikes – the most comfortable and stable pedal machines in the world. And small-wheeled bikes can be fast – the world speed record for a bike is held by a small-wheeled machine.

Major brands are covered, including the Brompton – the best folding bike in the world, the Birdy – a folding bike that uses front and rear suspension, and the Moulton – the world’s first successful small-wheeled bike. Want to tour the world with a bike you can fit into a suitcase? Then a Bike Friday is for you. Commuting, touring and restoration – it’s all here. Discover a whole new world of cycling!

Written by prolific author, Julian Edgar, who is a lifelong cycling enthusiast, and has owned, designed and built his own small-wheeled bicycles.

Small-wheeled pedal machines – a better way of cycling by Julian Edgar

ISBN: 9781787114012
UPC: 6-36847-01401-8


£14.99(UK), $24.99(US), $32.99(CAN)

• Going small-wheeled – the advantages
• Fold your bike and take it with you – everywhere!
• Commuting for convenience, fitness and speed
• The engineering and design of cutting-edge cycles
• Store your bike under your desk


Julian Edgar has worked as a teacher, writer, editor and photographer. His varied career has included editing a national automotive magazine, and writing for various online and print magazines for many years.

An enthusiast for all things mechanical and electronic, Julian is a hands-on car modifier, working from his own well-equipped home workshop, focusing mainly on suspension, engine management and aerodynamics. He is also a keen cyclist, and he has designed and built his own bikes and trikes.

He has written several books about car modifications, aerodynamics and electronics, as well as more general interest books about engineering and small-wheeled bicycles. Julian has also made a series of YouTube videos that discuss the subjects of his books.

He lives and works in New South Wales, Australia.

Place of birth: Adelaide, South Australia • Hometown: Dalton • Nearest city: Canberra

E5401 • Hardback • 24.8x24.8cm • 96 pages • 113 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787114-01-2 • UPC: 6-36847-01401-8
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