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1st December 2020
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Chevrolet ½-ton C/K-Series Pickup Trucks 1973-1987 – “Built to Stay Tough”


This book focuses on the evolution of the popular 3rd generation Chevrolet ½-ton C/K-Series pickup trucks from 1973-1987. Chevrolet’s ½-ton pickup trucks were competing head-to-head in a highly competitive marketplace with Ford’s always-popular F150. At the same time, other truck builders such as Dodge, International Harvester, and Jeep, were constantly applying pressure to increase sales in an attempt to capture more market share at the expense of the leaders.

Following a brief history of Chevrolet’s building of the corporation’s ½-ton pickup trucks, the book takes an extensive look at Chevrolet’s ½-ton C/K-Series pickup trucks, with emphasis on the all-new model, followed by a year-by-year description of the evolving 1970s models, and the various market demands that often led to the introduction of niche models to broaden market base.

Chevrolet reacted to a changing marketplace that included a greater interest in 4WD, while being detoured by fuel shortages, ever-changing fuel economy and pollution regulations, and the constant quest to reduce overall weight.

As well as the production models, there are chapters on the restoration and growing interest in the customization of these Chevy C/K models by enthusiasts.

Chevrolet ½-ton C/K-Series Pickup Trucks 1973-1987 by Norm Mort

ISBN: 9781787113114
UPC: 6-36847-01311-0


$25.00(US), $32.99(CAN)

• Engine & chassis specifications included
• Covers all optional equipment
• Detailed close-up of all engines offered
• 3rd generation ½-ton Chevrolet pickup truck production facts and figures from 1971-1983
• Focus on all of the Chevrolet ½-ton C/K-Series models offered
• Previously unpublished images of fully restored ½-ton C/K-Series pickups
• Images sourced from period advertisements and brochures
• Images of rarer performance versions
• Descriptive, detailed text on annual model changes, period road tests & references when new
• Highlights distinctive styling cues and increasing market focus on luxury features



Canadian Norm Mort has had a lifelong interest in historic vehicles, and by the age of 10 was photographing old vehicles parked by the side of the road; by the age of 12 he was the youngest member on the executive of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Norm became a teacher and librarian in the public school system. However, it was not long before his love of old cars and trucks led him to become a freelance automotive writer for magazines and newspapers in the field of transport, which he has now done for over 30 years. Norm has written over a dozen books about historic vehicles, and has become Canada's most prolific writer on old cars and trucks. Norm is also an animal lover, and has written books about travelling with pets (combining both of his passions) and about living with a pet menagerie. Norm lives in Canada with Scottish wife, Sandy, and a variety of pets. Their son Andrew has been the photographer for all of Norm's books.

Place of birth: • Hometown: Wellington • Nearest city: Wellington

V5311 • Paperback • 7.48 x 8.07 in • 96 pages • 112 colour pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787113-11-4 • UPC: 6-36847-01311-0
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