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5th October 2020
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Different is Good – Alice the Aspiesaurus


The story of Alice the Aspiesaurus draws on the author’s personal experiences to give children a positive message about autism.

An autistic dinosaur called Alice is finding it hard to make friends at her school, and we learn about some of the difficulties that Alice has, such as finding busy places scary, but also about some of the positives of having autism, like having a good memory. Along the way, Alice meets an older Aspiesaurus called Alvin, who helps her to see her differences as a good thing. Alice then has the confidence to befriend the other dinosaurs and use her amazing brain to help them.

This heart-warming book will appeal to all children with its relevant message, easy to read story, and fun, colourful illustrations of dinosaurs. Children who have autism can greatly benefit from this book, which explains why they may feel different, and reassures them that differences are a good thing.

Different is Good: Alice the Aspiesaurus by Lucy Martin

ISBN: 9781787117198
UPC: 6-36847-01719-4


£6.99(UK), $9.99(US), 12.99(CAN)

• Based on the author’s experience of having autism
• Gives children a positive message about autism
• Challenges conventional stereotypes
• A relevant message for children everywhere that differences are good
• The dinosaur characters and colourful illustrations will appeal to all children
• Vivid colour images, all hand-drawn by the author for the book
• Image creation based on the latest dinosaur research, including which species had feathers and what their habitat looked like.
• ALL kids love dinosaurs – and this book has lots of them!



Lucy was born in Haywards Heath, Sussex, but currently lives near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk with her three batty cats and equally batty parents.

Thanks to her love of animals, Lucy holds a first-class degree with honours in Zoology from the University of Hull. Her main interests are creative writing and art, both of which she has done from an early age.She also enjoys sewing and cooking, and has (so far) managed to avoid poisoning her parents.

Despite battling various health problems, Lucy has long dreamed of turning her passion for art and writing into a career that will benefit others. She attends a local art group, and has exhibited and sold her work in local exhibitions. She also takes the odd commission.

Her debut book is based on her experiences of growing up with autism, and also reflects her lifelong obsession with dinosaurs.

Place of birth: 29/10/1994
• Hometown: Bury St Edmunds • Nearest city: Bury St Edmunds

HK5719 • Paperback • 18x23cm • £6.99 • 32 pages • 25 colour pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787117-19-8 • UPC: 6-36847-01719-4
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