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10th August 2022
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Citroën Cars 1934 to 1986
A Pictorial History


Of all the French car manufacturers, Citroën has the most enthusiastic following. During the half-century covered by this book, it produced the most technologically advanced cars of the time, including the Traction Avant, 2CV, DS and SM. This handy full-colour guide has a chapter devoted to each of these models, together with the Ami, GS, CX, BX and the first models produced under Peugeot’s ownership. UK-built models and car-derived vans are also included.
Chapters provide an introduction to the design and evolution of each model, as well as detailed technical information. Production numbers and dates are given, and there are details of special coachbuilt versions and limited editions. The guide is illustrated in full colour, with recent and archive photographs. Dashboard instrument layouts and gearchange patterns are also shown.
Julian Parish is an experienced professional author and translator who has written on many makes of car, but his first car was a Citroën Dyane. He has lived in France for 25 years and has followed the marque at car shows and museums throughout the country.

Citroën Cars 1934 to 1986 by Julian Parish

ISBN: 9781787116368
UPC: 6-36847-01636-4


£19.99(UK), $32.50(US), $42.50(CAN)

  • The pictorial history of all Citroën cars from 1934 to 1986
  • Extensive full-colour photographs
  • Background information on the design of individual models
  • Detailed technical information for each model
  • Evolution of each model during its career
  • Covers special coachbuilt versions and limited editions
  • Includes cars built in the UK
  • Also features car-derived vans
  • Informative dashboard instrument diagrams
  • Production numbers and dates


Julian Parish hails from the south of England, but has now lived and worked in France for many years. After a career in book publishing and international software development, Julian is now a full-time motoring writer and translator. He has written or translated nearly 20 books on classic cars, car design and the history of motorsport and is also a commentator at several events in France.

Julian has both written and translated several of Veloce's Essential Buyer's Guides, mainly concentrating on the Mercedes-Benz marque for which he has a particular passion. His books include the popular travel guides 'France: The Essential Guide for Car Enthusiasts' and 'The Essential Guide to Driving in Europe,' also published by Veloce. Julian is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers.

Place of birth: Southport, England • Hometown: Montfort-l’Amaury • Nearest city: Paris

V5636 • Paperback • 21x14.8cm • 152 pages • 350 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787116-36-8 • UPC: 6-36847-01636-4
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