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A new website from Veloce Publishing

22nd February 2013
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Veloce Digital

The new site from Veloce Publishing Ltd

There’s no getting away from it: we are now living in the digital age!
It’s common to carry hundreds of books around with you wherever you go, and to be able to access any of them at the tap of a finger.The world of publishing has taken this advance in technology in its stride, and why not? The advent of the eReader, smart phone and tablet has given added value to books in the form of video, sound, hot links and easy accessibility, as well as providing new life to previously out of print books. eBooks have also given a voice to authors around the world who may not otherwise have had the opportunity of having their work published. eBooks and Apps have compelled publishers to rethink the way they work, to experiment and try new things to add value and interest to their content in order to serve their customers better. These new opportunities take the printed word to new heights: it’s an exciting time to be in the business!

With these opportunities in mind, Veloce Publishing has launched ‘Veloce Digital’ - a new and innovative website specifically for its eBooks and Apps. We create all of our Apps and eBooks in-house, ensuring that they reflect the same high quality that is synonymous with Veloce and Hubble & Hattie books. We’re constantly developing new eBooks and Apps and, although the process requires a lot of skill, time and effort from our team to keep pace with the ever-changing world of digital publishing, we feel that this dedication is something that should be celebrated. Veloce Digital is an opportunity to give our eBooks a home of their own, rather than have them take a back seat to our traditional print books.

In keeping with the mobile technology now available, Veloce Digital is responsive and can be accessed on desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, tablet devices and eReaders, providing access to Veloce’s entire eBook collection, wherever you are and whenever you want.

The new site offers an easy way to be aware of our ever-expanding catalogue of eBooks and Apps, as well as acting as a portal to all of our social media sites where we keep followers up-to-date with everything that Veloce Publishing has to offer.

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